Japanse dwergkwee of Chaenomelis

Deze heester afkomstig uit China staat bekend om zijn vroeg  bloeiende bloemen en lekker geurende appeltjes.
Die kan je gebruiken om jam en siroop van te maken. De struik word veel aangeplant in parken en plantsoenen, omdat ze vroeg bloeit en bijna niet gesnoeid moet worden.

Chaenomeles japonica, called the Japanese quince or Maule’s quince, is a species of flowering quince. It is a thorny deciduous shrub that is commonly cultivated. It is shorter than another commonly cultivated species C. speciosa, growing to only about 1 m in height. The fruit is called Kusa-boke in Japanese. It is best known for its colorful spring flowers of red, white, pink or multi. It produces apple-shaped fruit that are a golden-yellow color containing red-brown seeds. The fruit is edible, but hard and astringent, unless bletted or cooked. The fruit is occasionally used in jam, jelly and pie making as a substitute for its cousin, the true quince, Cydonia oblonga. C. japonica is also popularly grown in bonsai.