Brugge begijnhof – Bruges beguinage I

Brugge begijnhof – Bruges beguinage

beguinage of Tongeren

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The Beguinage of Tongeren is the oldest one in the Belgian province of Limburg. It was founded in 1257. The “village within the city” preserved its enclosure wall until the 19th century. This wall separated the beguinage from the rest of the city and thus garantueed peace and quiet for the small religious community.  In the 17th century the beguinage, at the height of its power, counted no less than 300 beguines.  The beguinage survived the great fire of 1677.
The best way to discover this beautiful corner of the city is by just strolling along the little winding streets and alley, all centered around the beautiful Saint Catherine Church.

On the “Onder de Linde” square are some of the oldest stone houses of the beguinage. When crossing the little bridge over the river Jeker, one can admire the beautiful Ursula Chapel and the clothmaker’s tower.



Het Begijnhof van Tongeren of Begijnhof van Sint-Catharina is een begijnhof in de Belgische stad Tongeren en behoort tot de oudste begijnhoven van Vlaanderen. Het begijnhof wordt tot het zogenoemde stedelijke type gerekend en ligt in het zuidoosten van het stadscentrum. Meer, klik hier